Amit Baumgarten Quartet – Times Of Change (2017)

Amit Baumgrten Quartet - Times Of Change (2017)
Artist: Amit Baumgarten Quartet
Album: Times Of Change
Genre: Jazz Rock / Fusion
Origin: Israel
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Rain Coffee 05:38
Landscape 05:20
Zebra 06:52
90’s 06:40
Boogaloo 06:53
Interlude 01:13
Times Of Change 06:14
Urban Adventure 07:56
Dreaming About 07:19
Bishulim 05:32


Original jazz music from Israel. A special blend between the warm traditional jazz sound with compositions highly influenced by rock , African music and middle-eastern music.

This is an eclectic album, that goes a long way from the post-bop tune “Rain Coffee” , to the prog-rockish “Urban Adventure” and even a surprising homage to the Seattle grunge bands with the tune “90’s”.

All blended together in a unique and elegant way that creates a special sound and atmosphere.