Akira Tana – Jazzanova (2018)

Akira Tana - Jazzanova (2018)
Artist: Akira Tana
Album: Jazzanova
Genre: Bossa Nova, Vocal Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Aguas De Março (Feat. Claudia Villela & Claudio Amaral) (4:13)
Love Dance (Feat. Carla Helmbrecht) (5:52)
Chega De Saudade (Feat. Maria Volonte & Jackie Ryan) (4:52)
Bilhete (Feat. Sandy Cressman) (4:12)
Corcovado (Feat. Carla Helmbrecht) (5:43)
Condename A Callar (Feat. Maria Volonte) (3:26)
Waiting For Angela (Feat. Branford Marsalis & Claudia Villela) (3:51)
Jangada (Feat. Claudia Villela) (5:33)
Caminhos Cruzados (Feat. Sandy Cressman) (4:51)
Aquele Frevo Axe (Feat. Claudio Amaral) (3:45)
Por Causa De Voce (Feat. Jackie Ryan) (3:45)
Diride (Feat. Claudia Villela & Ricardo Peixoto) (4:26)
La Gloria Eres Tu (Feat. Arturo Sandoval & Maria Volonte) (4:20)


I’m just a sucker for Brazilian jazz; always have been since first discovering the classic Getz/Gilberto albums, and always will. This album has drummer Akira Tana mixing and matching some of the best Brazilian sounds, songs, composers, artists and vocalists, all resulting in a sublime and seductive samba fest

The singers include Claudio Amaral, Sandy Cressman, Carla Helmbrecht, Jackie Ryan, Claudia Villela and Maria, all sounding luscious with accompaniment by tana and Michael Spiro/perc, Gary Brown/b, Ricardo Peixoto/g, Peter Horvath/p-key and special guests Branford Marsalis/ts-ss & Arturo Sandoval/tp

Where to begin? Amarai & Villela coo like Jobim and Regina with added trumpet on a joyful “Aguas de Marco” while Ryan oozes with Sandoval’s flugelhorn on a cirrus “Por Causa de Voce.” The classic “Chega de Saudade” has Ryan and Volonte meld together like molten lava along with Pexoto’s guitar, and “Condename Aa Callar includes Peixoto teaming with Horvath’s Volante’s endearing pleadings. Intimate nylon strings and Villela’s delicate vocals create a twilight mood on “Diride” while Marsalis’ tenor joins with Amara for a peppy “Aquele Frevo Axe’.” Every song is filled with warm breezes, joyful moods and quite nights of quiet stars.
by George W. Harris