Adrian Raso And Fanfare Ciocarlia – Devil’s Tale (2014)

Adrian Raso And Fanfare Ciocarlia - Devil's Tale (2014)
Artist: Adrian Raso And Fanfare Ciocarlia
Album: Devil’s Tale
Genre: Swing, Gypsy, Folk, Brass Band
Origin: Romania/Canada
Released: 2014
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Urn St. Tavern (4:06)
02. Swing Sagarese (3:11)
03. The Absinthe-Minded Gypsy (4:27)
04. C’est La Vie (2:47)
05. Quattro Cicci (2:40)
06. Charlatan’s Waltz (2:54)
07. Devil’s Tale (2:53)
08. Leezard’s Lament (3:11)
09. Cafe Con Leche (3:16)
10. Spiritissimo (3:35)
11. Birelli’s Waltz (3:48)
12. Django (4:08)


Balkan brass bands, who compete fiercely among themselves, are prone to blow away anyone who comes near. Credit, then, to Toronto guitarist Adrian Raso, who has tamed Romania’s Fanfare Ciocărlia for a winning collaboration rooted in the “Gypsy swing” of Django Reinhardt. Raso is an eclectic talent; the title track carries the twang of electric surf guitar, the languid Leezard’s Lament finds him improvising on banjo, and Spiritissimo dips into flamenco flavours. The 12-piece band are splendidly restrained, swelling gently behind waltzes, contributing accordion and clarinet and only occasionally ripping into their trademark supercharged intricacy. All instrumental and all delightful.

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