ADC Band – Talk That Stuff (1979)

ADC Band - Talk That Stuff (1979)
Artist: ADC Band
Album: Talk That Stuff
Genre: Funk/Soul/Disco
Origin: USA
Released: 1979
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

1. Stank Machine (5:47)
2. I Just Want To Hold You (5:47)
3. Talk That Stuff (4:52)
4. Midnite Creeper (4:07)
5. ADC Is Back (4:54)
6. At The Party (4:49)
7. Sense Of Humor (3:45)
8. Eaves Droppers (6:17)


Although ADC Band was signed to Cotillion, which automatically stuffed them into the generic disco suit that many of their labelmates wore, they were actually laying down some pretty interesting funk-fueled songs, influenced not only by the Parliament/Funkadelic experience, but also by the slower grooves of War and the like. And, while it was 1978’s Long Stroke that heralded their initial recognition, by the time Talk That Stuff was released less than a year later, people were primed. The band wouldn’t disappoint, from the moment the pounding “Stank Machine” opened the album. “I Just Want to Hold You,” meanwhile, is a superb down-tempo number, dominated by outstanding vocals and suburb horns, while the title track itself hinges around humorous repartee between Audrey Matthews (who also takes a turn behind the drum kit on “ADC Is Back”) and James Maddock Jr. “At the Party,” meanwhile, has a wonderful Sly Stone-inflected ambience. ADC Band was sorely overlooked both in the funk community and by the general public, the consequence of arriving too late in the day, and sounding too old school to be part of the then-happening crowd. Sad as that may be, the modern funk aficionado will be pleasantly surprised by the entire experience.
Review by Amy Hanson

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