Adam Czerwinski & Darek Oleszkiewicz – Raindance (2006)

Adam Czerwinski & Darek Oleszkiewicz - Raindance (2006)
Artist: Adam Czerwinski & Darek Oleszkiewicz
Album: Raindance
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Origin: Poland
Released: 2006
Quality: mp3, VBR V2, ~189 kbps

How Deep Is the Ocean (5:53)
Raindance (6:51)
Double Larry (6:40)
Inspiration (6:09)
J&J (7:38)
Paradise (6:56)
Bewitched (6:17)
Blues For Adam (6:45)
Awakening (6:48)
Ca-Lips-O (6:03)


his is an album by a Polish / American Jazz quartet, which features the excellent Polish Jazz rhythm section of drummer Adam Czerwinski and bassist Darek Oleszkiewicz and the US players: guitarist Larry Koonse and organist Larry Goldings. Sound engineer Nolan Shaheed plays cornet on one track. Oleszkiewicz, Koonse and Shaheed later took part in the recording of the 2nd Aga Zaryan album, which was recorded in the same studio. Of the ten tracks on this album, three were composed by Czerwinski, another three by Oleszkiewicz, two by Koonse and the remaining two are standards.

The music is all very mainstream and very easy going, i.e. on the lighter side of the Jazz spectrum, but of course is perfectly executed by these master musicians. The sound of the Hammond organ is always a winner and quite irresistible to Jazz buffs, so the overall result is a most entertaining piece of easy melodic Jazz, without being kitschy or overtly moronic. The original compositions are all nicely crafted, especially those by Oleszkiewicz, which are also the most advanced ones on this album.

This is an excellent example of how accessible music is able to retain musical qualities, being still strongly rooted in Jazz and improvised, and yet enjoyable to people who have little or no Jazz experience of affiliation. Such listeners will definitely love this stuff madly!

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