3rd Force – Global Force (2016)

3rd Force - Global Force (2016)
Artist: 3rd Force
Album: Global Force
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Big Shot
02. Breakout
03. Carry On
04. Compassion Passion
05. Day into Night
06. Follow Me Home
07. Out of the Storm
08. Shadow of Love
09. You Are the One
10. We’ll Be Together


Back to flood our c-jazz senses and grooves is the wonderfully solid and signature sound of 3rd Force with their new release Global Force. Since the 90s, the duo of William Aura and Craig Dobbin has been captivating and capturing smooth jazzers the world over with its melodic fusion of funk, jazz, and consciousness-raising compositions, often with inviting appearances by such greats as Peter White, Boney James, Rick Braun, and Craig Chaquico.

This time around, after surviving the demise of their label Higher Octave and a fickle music industry, and after suspending their music to pursue other successful and meaningful careers – Dobbin in commercial and TV composition; Aura establishing Aura Imports Sponsorship Project to promote education for children in the Himalayan region and promoting the social and economic progress of people in the region, as well as other most honorable projects), the duo returned to the studio to simply… play… music. No high and lofty philosophical underlying motivations or themes. They simply missed sharing their musical essence with fans and all listeners of great c-jazz.

As Aura states, “We had separated for a long time and were both quite ambitious in our different worlds; so, to even come back together is a miracle in itself considering how busy we were. We actually like experiencing our own music and wanted to see if the magic was still there. When we started playing, it was unlike anything we had ever done before.” A big Amen to the magic, which is more than evident and such a refreshing gift to those of us who have longed to keep the gift of creativity and innovation alive and kickin’ in this genre.

From start to finish, there is so much to love about this album: The melodies, the rhythms, the sense of a phat, “whole,” sound, and of course, the skill and effort put into it all. Horns blaze brightly (saxman Derrick Edmondson and trumpeter/trombonist Mitch Mannker clearly bring their “A” game), keyboards and piano sing eloquently and with feeling, the flute calls ever so sweetly, and guitars guide us through the becoming collage. The entire project is just so alive.

Joining the duo this time are guitarists Brian Hughes and Lawson Rollins, as well as a host of Nepali musicians who bring with them exotic instruments and styles (e.g., bansuri flute, tabla, and sarangi).

An album full of originals and one cover (Sting’s “We’ll Be Together”), the sensuous groove here is simply undeniable and unavoidable.

Tracks range from poppin’ funk (“Big Shot,” “Breakout,” “You Are the One” and Sting’s “We’ll Be Together”) to the crystalline beauty of “Carry On” and “Day Into Night.” Nothing here is without the capacity to move you.